MENA Politics Section Awards 2019

We are delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural MENA Politics Section Awards for 2019.

Best Dissertation: José Ciro Martínez, ‘The Politics of Bread: State Power, Food Subsidies and Neoliberalization in Hashemite Jordan’ (Cambridge University). The committee was impressed by this highly innovative study of welfare politics in Jordan, presenting the Jordanian state as engaged in a process of demonstrating its authority through the distribution of flour, the regulation of bread prices and the indirect management of the bakery. Combining theoretical fluency with empirical richness, the dissertation is based on a mix of detailed archival work, extensive interviews with policy- makers and other officials, and a multi-site ethnography conducted in bakeries over an eighteen month period of fieldwork. The fieldwork was conducted in Ma’an, ‘Aqaba and across diverse neighbourhoods in Amman, to bring out the differentiated practices and geographies of welfare. (Selection Committee: Sean Yom, Lindsay Benstead, Michaelle Browers, and Yael Zeira).

Best Paper Presented at 2018 APSA Annual Meeting: Diana Greenwald, “Coercion and Extraction Amid Constraints: Theorizing the Functional Coherence of Aspiring States​.” This innovative paper is drawn from Greenwald’s dissertation on the development of Palestinian state capacity. The committee was impressed with the theoretical sophistication and empirical richness of the paper, and for its significant contributions to our knowledge of the area. (Selection Committee: Quinn Mecham, Dan Corstange, David Walder, and Lindsay Benstead).

Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to submit your nominations for the 2020 Awards for Best Dissertation, Best Paper Presented at the 2019 Annual Meeting, and Best Book.

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